I help midlife women who are craving connection, so they can stop feeling like they are doing life alone.

You thought there would be more to life after 50……………….

So you sit around waiting for your kids to visit. You’re having a hard time making friends. You and your spouse have become excellent roommates. You think you’re too old to change. If you don’t invest in the connection of your relationships, you’ll give up and feel more isolated.

Don’t miss out on a life you’ll love!

Midlife isn’t endlife.

I’ll help you stop wasting precious time and find joy.

Ready to discover what you’re capable of?

Here’s the truth, making connections is easier than you think.

Ready to be the women who does life with others?

You’ll have more confidence when engaging with people you don’t know.

You can create community, try new things and feel adventure again.

Imagine having confidence to do things, even if it means by yourself.

Plus going to a party, meeting new people and creating joy again.

You are capable of true connection and deserve to be happy.

I know you want more, and I can help you create it!

Hey, I’m Kristi, and I get it…..

I know what it’s like to feel isolated and lonely.

My divorce and empty-nest happened at the same time.

I was terrified I’d never make it alone and felt I had no one to talk to.

I tried personal development, but nothing worked until I discovered coaching. Then I became certified as a coach so I can help women like you find joy again. There’s a community of people you belong that are waiting for you.

It’s not hopeless.

I can help you because I’ve been you.

Ready to see what’s possible for you in the next chapter of your life?

Work with me to create an amazing life at midlife.

Your coaching journey includes 3 months of weekly 1:1, 45 minute sessions. You will also have access to me in between sessions via Voxer, Marco Polo, text or email.

Bonus: You will have access to exclusive, only available to clients, classes on topics such as: setting boundaries and how to stop people pleasing.

Session are all virtual through my private Zoom space.

The framework of my 5 step pillars are designed uniquely to fit your individual needs.

Let’s do this! Your last step is to say yes!

Here’s what creating connection means for you…….

  • Enjoying your NEW adult relationship with your adult children FREE from expectations.
  • Trying new things with your spouse, and loving the experience whether you enjoyed the activity or not.
  • Striking up conversations vs waiting on the sidelines for others to approach.
  • Never feeling out of place again because you are whole just as you are.
  • Going on that dream vacation even if it means going alone because you are 100% connected to your wants needs and desires.

Love From My Clients

I had this fear that I hadn’t really told anyone.  I felt safe to tell Kristi my truth and she helped me to explore my secret in a way that didn’t make it feel shameful.  I am a coach and I want to run from coaching other coaches.  It’s a flavor of my imposter syndrome that shows up from time to time and I want to push it down or just push through it aka fake it til you make it.  Kristi helped me see what I couldn’t see and gave me the space to just notice what was going on in my overthinking brain.  She wasn’t trying to force me into a result, she wasn’t trying to fix me, she wasn’t trying to put words in my mouth. She shared some really powerful insights that had me in one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments.  Today was our first coaching call together.  I wonder what is possible after a few more?! 


I’m sharing this because God uses us to help others and uses others to help us along this journey called life. I’m blessed to say that Kristi Falany is one of those people being used to make a difference in my life. I was instantly drawn to her from the moment I met her. Everything she said and did resonated with me to my soul. I didn’t understand at the time as to why, but now I know God had a plan for her to work in my life.

~Gina B.

Dear Kristi,

I want to thank you for helping my wife. When she shared with me that she wanted to hire a life coach, I was very skeptical and was convinced it was a scam. However, after having worked with you over the past several months, I have come to realize how much her mental state and mindset has improved. You have taught her how to address and reduce her stress level, which is literally saving her life. I will admit that life continues to be challenging, especially since she’s back to teaching. But, you’ve helped her to stay calm, focused, and relaxed through it all. What you do is truly useful and valuable and it has been a blessing for her and our family. Thank you for being there for us. I am now a believer in what you do. Thank you and God bless.

~Steve Bentz

I never really thought much about my thoughts and how those thoughts impact my daily life. Kinda like a feather blown in the wind without much control over how my day would go mentally, emotionally and even physically. Not that my life is a wreck but I wanted more purpose, direction and joy in my journey. Now I start my days with a new direction since I control my thoughts for the results I want to experience in my life.

~Mary Ellen S.