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I was engaged in a conversation with another woman around my age. We started talking about body image at midlife, and we both agreed with how exhausted we are with the topic. What I mean by that is how exhausting it is to be 49 years old and have spent the majority of my life having negative thoughts about the way my body looks. I jokingly commented to her that my brain says “I want to look hot in a bikini, but my body shows……girl you love tacos and M&Ms”!

Isn’t it enough already? Don’t you just want to love your life free of the negative self talk about the way your body looks? I know I do!

What if we could just buy clothes that are made exactly for our body? What if we could just stop obsessing over……….does my butt look big in these jeans? Let’s flip the script!

Here are some useful thoughts you can start incorporating today!

  • I am grateful for the fact that my body allows me to do the things that I get to do everyday.
  • I can choose one part of my body to start to love and commit to work on loving that part of my body for the next 30 days.
  • I can do nice things for my body like: once a week take a relaxing bath, lather yourself in your favorite lovely scented lotion, work daily on hydrating your skin by drinking more water, and take a nap.

Give your body some love ladies. It’s the only one we’ve got, and it deserves it.

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