Sad is normal!

You may not realize this, but it is ok, in fact, completely normal to feel sad. It is not usually a feeling we would choose for ourselves, but you SHOULD allow it to be available.

You see, our bodies were designed to be able to experience every human emotion. The problem is that we have been so programmed that a negative feeling isn’t ever wanted (can’t say I blame you) therefore we should change it as fast as we can. Unfortunately, in our quest to change it quickly we sometimes end up using buffers (alcohol, food, shopping, Netflix) to do so.

I want to tell you that feeling sad is completely normal. Nothing has gone wrong when you’re sad. In fact, there are things in this world we want to feel sad about: losing a parent, missing a loved one, not getting the promotion you had hoped for. All completely normal scenarios where we might feel sad.

So don’t be so quick to get rid of sad. In fact, allow it. You are human. Allow your human body to experience every emotion it is completely equipped and capable of handling. 

All my best,


Ps-If you are in need of HOW to allow emotions, I would love to help. Email, DM me, send me a text, sign up for a FREE consult call

Pss- If sad is sticking around way too long, it may be time to seek the help of your physician. Please reach out to your doctor if you are struggling in this area. 

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