Can we talk on a touchy, kind of feels icky, subject? Regret…………………

I am sure, like me, you have some regrets. I believe there are two types of regret.

  • Regret from something we wished we would have done
    • Dream we once had, but didn’t follow through
    • Conversation we wish we would have had
    • The job you didn’t apply for
  • Regret from something we did do that has us feeling:
    • Shame
    • Disappointment
    • Embarrassment

I have great news for you. Either of these types of regret, you have the ability to overcome. You have the ability to move past the feelings of disappointment, embarrassment or shame. The truth is they no longer have the power to hold you captive. They are completely in the past, and the only reason they are still continuing to cause you pain is the thoughts you are thinking about them.  

Here are some things you can do:

  • Just do the thing!! It’s never too late. Even if it is not the exact dream you once dreamt, pick some form of it and do it anyway.
  • Find the forgiveness! 
    • Maybe it’s someone whom you need to ask for forgiveness.
    • Maybe it’s YOU that you need to forgive.
    • Forgiveness sets you FREE!

All my best,


PS- If you are struggling with the how on any of these topics, I would love the opportunity to share with you the tools I used to help me overcome and let go of regret!

PSS- Happy Valentine’s Day 

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