Hard-It’s just an adjective!

  • What if we just let hard be an adjective………..you know just let it be an describing word…………you see all too often we try to make hard a feeling………..
    • we say we can’t do the thing because it’s so hard……….
    • we don’t even allow ourselves to dream about doing or trying something because it will be hard………..
    • we won’t even attempt to go to that function where we won’t know anyone because talking to new people is so hard
    • we surely can’t run that 5k because it will be so hard
  • How many times have you let hard hold you back
    • You know, I almost punked out on myself on taking that RV trip by myself because I thought it would be too hard to figure out if I had a flat tire or I thought it would be too hard for me to park it all by myself
      • holy crap am I glad I didn’t let hard hold me back
      • I did have a mishap and I learned for myself that I can do hard things, I can fend for myself
    • I almost didn’t even start my business 
      • I told myself…………”oh I’ll just get a job with the Life Coach School or another well established coaching business” it will be too hard to start from scratch
      • You have not idea how amazing it has been starting from scratch………of course it has been hard…………I spent hours, days trying to figure out creating my website, I spent just as much time
  • When we tell ourselves something is hard about 98% of the time our brain will quickly begin to start the drama as to all the reasons you shouldn’t do it
  • remember your brain’s main focus is to keep you safe, so of course if your telling yourself something is hard……….your brain is going to offer up all of the reasons why you shouldn’t do it to keep you safe
  • And how boring is that!
  • Hard is a lack of belief in yourself
  • Start developing the tools that you will need to create the mindset to overcome when your brain starts telling you things are hard
  • start taking massive action
  • Learn from our actions
  • No more half marathons——why I did them in the first place
    • to prove I could, I’m coming up on my fourth, I think I’ve proved to myself that I could
    • Yes, the training is hard and the anticipation leading up to that first race was amazing and fun and proving to myself that yes I could do it was for me just a rewarding journey
    • it’s just not fun anymore………in order for hard to be sustainable for the long haul, which is what I want, it needs to be fun

Notes from Start in the Middle Podcast

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