Trauma Response

Have you ever been in a situation where you reacted to something, and then later felt really bad about the way you reacted? For example, you got really angry about something that you really have no control over, and you made whatever the situation was mean something about you. And then of course it leaves you feeling bad about yourself and about the way you reacted.

Have you ever stopped to think about where that reaction comes from? Often we feel bad for not having shown up as our highest selves, but we don’t stop to truly think about where the reaction originates.

When you pinpoint where it originates from you have an opportunity to begin healing and changing how you will react the next time.

Remember that you were not born the exact person you are today. Your slate was clean the day you entered into this world. It has been all of your experiences and all that you learned from others around you that have shaped your beliefs and thought patterns that you currently possess. 

I recently connected that from an early age I have never felt that my mom had my back. So now when important people in my life don’t show up for me the way that I think they should, it triggers a response in me and my brain immediately goes to “well they don’t care about me anyway”.

This is called a trauma response. Once you are able to make the connection to the trauma that causes you to think this way, you are free to decide if that is how you want to continue operating. Of course the above is a huge thought error. And now that I know where this thought originates from, I am able to do the work to heal that part of my thought pattern.

Oh how fascinating our brains can be. By the way, it was my coach that helped figure out the connection. Even coaches need coaches sometimes.

I hope you have an amazing week.

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