Let’s Go

This last week I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Mastermind conference for life coaches through The Life Coach School. It was an opportunity for me to learn from other coaches and really reflect on where I truly want this next journey in my life to take me.

I decided that I want to build an amazing business helping women tap into their dreams. When I took this leap of faith in January of 2021, I knew this work would change me. I knew that becoming a life coach meant that I had a responsibility to myself to change how I viewed the way that I think about myself and others. And what a mind-blowing journey this has been!

My relationship with myself has completely changed. Yes, I still have crappy thoughts about myself, but I now also know that they are not true. I also believe that I am completely worthy of anything I can possibly dream up. I am also 100% confident that my body is exactly how it is supposed to be right now in this moment, and if I want to change it, I have that power to. My past is that, in the past. I am no longer a victim to my circumstances………in fact………circumstances are neutral-neither good nor bad. It’s all in what you choose to think about them.

So, I ask you……what are you doing today for your future self? What are you doing to become the woman you want to be? What dreams do you have that you deferred until you are ready or until the time is right.

Unfortunately, time is not on your side. You will never get time back. Stop wasting it in waiting.

I am the coach for midlife women who want to make lasting changes to become the person who absolutely loves her life. I can help you get there.

Let’s go!

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