Have you been on social media lately and seen all the handsome young men and women all dressed up for prom?

All of the pictures have one thing in common→→→→JOY!

The funny thing about joy is that it is not always a feeling that tends to stay with us. For some, we have to work really hard to create joy in our lives. We often forget that it is an emotion that is available to us at any time. We just have to know how to create it.

Today, I would like to suggest that you take some time to sit and think about -what truly brings you joy?

How can you create more joy in your life? Here are some suggestions on how you can create more joy.

🎉What does it actually feel like? Where do you feel it in your body?

🎉Think about the last time you felt that vibration- what were you doing that created that? What were you thinking that created that feeling?

🎉Get creative about how you add that activity back again or allow your memory of the activity to bring the joy you felt.

The good thing about memories is that they are always available for us to bring them back to the front of our mind!

Now…………………..go and create more joy for yourself!

Have a beautiful week friends.

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