What If=Equal Airtime

Are you giving both sides of the argument equal airtime? 

We are so good at tell ourselves that something is not for us, or something could go wrong that we often make our decision solely based on those two things.

However, what if we actually thought about how both sides could equally turn out. There is no possible way to tell the future and what the possible outcome could be. So what if you spent just as much time in the thought that the thing you want is completely for you and it will turn out exactly as you had hoped. 

When you approach your decisions from both perspectives, it makes your decisions less scary, less complicated, and with way less drama!

Allowing both the positive and negative equal airtime is exactly what I teach my clients in my coaching program. At midlife, we tend to reflect on how quickly life has passed us by and dwell on the things we have not yet done. You do not have to live your life with regret. Today you are the youngest you are going to be again and you still have so much more life ahead of you. Let me help you transform your life such that you are creating exactly what brings you joy and fulfillment every day rather than shame and regret of what has already passed you by. Connect with me by the link in my bio for how my program is exactly for you.

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