Have you ever stopped to consider how unique you truly are? Do you spend time in gratitude for how different your life is from your friends, your neighbors or coworkers?

Unfortunately, we don’t spend enough time in enjoyment for what we already have in our lives.  We often look to others as our example of what life should look like, and then we become dissatisfied with our own. 

Comparison can be an ugly beast. It robs us of the joy that we were actually uniquely created to experience. It robs us of the peace and satisfaction for the gifts we ourselves possess. 

Let me offer you three ways that you can keep this sneaky villain from robbing you:

~understand that we are all on our own unique journey, no two journeys are going to look alike, each of us is going to experience life in totally different ways
~decide to live in your own authenticity………your real you………you were made uniquely, with totally different qualifying gifts that no other human around you possesses
~live in gratitude for what you do have…..get into a daily gratitude practice, every day meditate on at least 3 things in your life that you are grateful for that you already have in your life.

Have an amazing week!

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