Course Correction

If you were to take some time to look back over the course of your life, how many different times would you say your life has changed? I am sure it is a lot. Some times they are major changes (divorce, empty nest, career change, move to a different city, menopause) and sometimes they are smaller changes.

How do you tend to approach them? Do you allow them to have you spinning in worry or fear? Or you do look at them as opportunities for growth and adventure. 

Isn’t there an old proverb that says there are two things in life that are certain……..death and change?

When I ship goes off of it’s course, the captain has to choose a course correction. You are the captain of your vessel. You get to decide what your course correction will look like. Since you know that change is inevitable, why not embrace it with a course correction that will have you in a pattern of growth versus defeat. 

Here are three things to remember:

  • things may not always turn out the way you expected them to and allow it to be ok…… doesn’t mean that anything has gone wrong
  •  learn to embrace when life changes……change can sometimes hurt and be scary…………..but if you embrace that life will always change and nothing stays the same you are able to decide what lessons you want to learn from it.
  • always remember that life is 50/50, once you embrace that their is going to be 50% bad… will learn to absolutely appreciate the 50% good!

When a course correction has you in an undesirable state know that I am always here for you if you need help with your course corrections!

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