Can you trust yourself?

Are you a trustworthy person?  You’re probably thinking……..what, of course I am!

I am super positive that all of your friends would say that. I am super positive that your coworkers and employer would say that too.

I know this because of course you follow through with what you say you are going to do when it comes to showing up for your friends and your family. If you didn’t, these relationships would be terrible. The same is true with work. If you didn’t follow through with your job, you’d be unemployed. 

But what about when it comes to being trustworthy with yourself?  Being trustworthy with yourself should not be any different than with any of your other relationships.

You are in a relationship with yourself. How do you feel about yourself when you don’t follow through with what you say you are going to do for yourself?  Maybe you have never even considered the idea of being in a relationship with yourself. Therefore, you probably haven’t thought about how you should be nurturing this relationship just as much as you do with all your others.

Here are a few hints about how to be trustworthy in your relationship with yourself so that you know that you can always count on you. 

  • Decide each day that you are going to have your own back. Having your own back means that no matter what circumstances come your way, you are going to decide what is best for you physically, mentaly and relationally.
  • Follow through with what you say you are going to do FOR YOU! You tell yourself you haven’t been getting enough rest. Decide on an early bedtime and stick to it. You tell yourself you need more veggies in your diet. Plan out your meals and include more veggies and stick to it. You notice that your energy level is low and you need to add some more steps into your day. Put an evening walk on your schedule and stick to it!
  • STICK TO IT. The easiest way to prove to your brain that you are trustworthy to yourself is to decide ahead of time how you want to show up for you and do not let anything else get in the way of it!

You are worthy and you deserve to nurture your relationship with you!

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