Are you a past focused thinker?

Question……….are you someone who is past focused?

Here are some thoughts you may be thinking that prove that you are a past focused thinker:
“That’s just how I’ve always been” or ” I’ve tried that. It never works for me.”

When you choose thoughts like these, you are using your past as evidence that both of these statements are true and that you are not capable of change. If you’re ok with that, then you do you Boo! 

My guess is that you didn’t even realize that your sneaky brain was doing that. 

Sometimes all it takes is a mindset shift to give your brain a new belief that you, in fact, are capable of change, and you have everything inside of you to up level your life to the women you want to be.

So rather than, “This is how I have always been” why not try on “This is the women I am becoming.”

If a mindset shift is what your ready for, but not sure how, let’s chat. I’d love to help you on your path of reinventing the future you!

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