The Power of Coaching

Today I want to share with you the power of coaching. For the last several weeks I have felt a little off, and I couldn’t quit pinpoint why. So I just kept going. I kept working in my business. I kept hanging out with Frank (the new addition to our family). I kept checking off the boxes on my planner. All of the things that I like doing and want to do. (wanting to vs have to…………topic for another day)

But something was still missing. Until my coach asked my one question: “Are you enjoying your summer?”

It took me a few seconds to respond, when it hit me. The answer was NO.

I’m not going to get into all of the reasons why my answer was no, but what I am going to tell you is that I didn’t know that was the thought and the feeling that I could not pinpoint. Had he not asked me that question, it probably would have taken me weeks before I had figured it out. I probably would have continued on with what I was doing without making any changes and feeling off (down in the dumps, in a slump, burdened, annoyed, disconnected…………..any number of adjectives). And if anyone else would have asked me, I would have smiled, nodded and maybe even lied and said yes. But with my coach, I can tell him anything. I can be completely honest with him. While his question seemed simply enough, he also helps me with more complex issues such as how I can become an amazing entrepreneur. 

This is why coaching is so important. Sometimes we cannot even see for ourselves what is happening with our own thoughts. We know that something is off, but we struggle to find the right questions to ask ourselves to determine what it is. Your coach can help you to identify the sneaky patterns of your brain. Your coach can also help you uplevel the practices you already have in place. Your coach will help you create your future with confidence, and help you to shift your focus from who you were to who you want to be and start living your life on purpose. 

This is the power of coaching. I am the coach for midlife women who are ready to do the work it takes to reinvent and level up her life!

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