New Program!

 I am just coming off a few days in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had an opportunity to meet up with some other awesome coaches from all different coaching backgrounds. We spent the week collaborating with each other and overall, just having a really great time getting to know one another.
During special times like these, I always try to reflect and look for areas of lessons or growth. I also try to stretch myself and try as many new experiences as I can.

This time I had an opportunity to try a practice called Reiki. If you are not familiar with it, please take just a few minutes to google it. But here is what I learned from the experience.

My throat chakra was closed. All my other chakras were open to giving and receiving except for my throat chakra. So in laymen’s terms, I am not speaking up. I am holding back.

What?? Who would have known!  What I love about this is that it just so happens to coincide with my brand new program…………”Confident AF……….because there is so much life to live After Fifty” 
(OH, I know what you were thinking………It’s totally ok! Because, yes, it means that too)!

It means no holds barred! No holding back! There is so much life left to live at midlife. There are parties to attend. New friendships to be formed. New adventures to be had. NO HOLDING BACK!

This program is for midlife women who want to create true self confidence so they can stop feeling like they don’t matter!

Are you in? Are you curious? Let’s jump on a call together so I can share all the details with you. Being in community and living our lives to the fullest is the absolute best form of happiness!
Book a spot on my calendar. Let’s get your party started. Calendar link!

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