Today as I was working on my gratitude practice, it brought to mind an amazing feeling I had yesterday when talking to a group of women. I remember feeling completely comfortable in my conversation with them. You see we had just completed running in a race. We had all run different paces and for some even different distances, but the conversation was easy and very relaxed. 

Reflecting on this experience reminded me that maybe even 5 short years ago I wouldn’t have felt that relaxed. I probably would have felt nervous, out of place and in complete judgement of myself. You see for most of my adult life I have suffered from a lack of confidence in myself. I have felt that I am not enough, and conversations with other women who have their stuff together always made me feel so uncomfortable with myself. 

Do you see yourself anywhere in this story? The ironic thing is that at some point most of us feel that we are not enough or don’t measure up in some aspect of our lives. Whether it be in conversations with other women, how we are showing up as a parent, or how we show up for ourselves, we may not always feel 100% confident.  

The good news is that you are not alone. Even those who seem like they have it all together, still have doubts just like you. The truth is that we are all humans having the human experience. Confidence comes from working on the thoughts that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in fear of not being enough. You are enough just as you are……………….you may just need to flex that belief muscle! I am here for you if you’d like help in this area. 

Your midlife ally, Kristi

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