Arrogance vs Confidence

most people don’t even realize that they are actually operating from a place of arrogance versus confidence. 

I wanted to break these down for you because hands down they are both about managing your own thoughts. 


  • thinking you are better than someone and trying to prove it
  • criticizes others and finds faults in others
  • denies their own faults
  • lie or exaggerate their abilities and accomplishments
  • looks to the opinion and ata boys from others to feel better about themselves


  • secure in yourself and your own abilities
  • trust yourself 
  • know that you can feel any emotion (including failure) without being harmed
  • keep your word, doing what you say at the highest level
  • know that you are good, and capable, and worthy

Can you see the difference between these two? Someone who is confident in themselves understands that having self confidence comes from within themselves, and their own thoughts about themselves. Where as someone who is arrogant as you can see really does not like themselves very much which is why they are seeking validation from outside sources by making themselves seem superior. 

I hope you didn’t read this and cringe, or maybe your brain flashed to someone you know….lol!

Whichever the case, I am sure this insight gives you food for thought!

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