Tired or Hiding

Are you hiding behind……….”I’m just so tired”?

Are you telling yourself your tired so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable in an unknown situation?

Sometimes when we are trying new things we feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable. So if you just use the excuse that you are tired you can stay home and hide in your comfy lounge wear and put off meeting new people for another day when you are not so tired. 

I actually had this conversation with myself earlier this week. The truth was that I was tired. Our A/C died on us over the weekend(ugh). We have been working until dark every evening repairing some pretty important features to our RV(turns out a big gapping hole in the back doesn’t make for fun traveling). And I am a solopreneur.

So when I was questioning whether or not I wanted to go to a women’s group that I had just joined, I really asked myself the question.

Are you tired physically or mentally, or are you thinking that it will be uncomfortable because you don’t know anyone there?  

It turned out that, yes I was physically and mentally tired, but I decided to go anyway. It was exactly what my soul needed!

Does your soul need to be around other people who lift you up and genuinely care about you, but your brain says I don’t like to try new things especially if I don’t know anyone? So your using, “I’m tired” as an excuse to not go.

I want to help you with following through even when you ARE tired.

First, whatever the event is actually write it down on your calendar. Don’t just let it sit in your brain. Actually write it down in pen (not pencil).

Next, decide ahead of time that you are going to go. All the days leading up to it, look at your calendar and say out loud, “I am going to go”.

Last, follow through with going even if you are tired. You are not committing to a rest of your life type event. You can take a nap afterwards or go to bed early after the event. But show up for you because it’s on your calendar and because you are someone who follows through with what you say you are going to do. 

And if you need help with following through, I am always a text message, email or Zoom call away! 

I’ve got you friend.

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