Aging Powerfully

The month of August I am committing to all things “Aging Powerfully”. You may not know. This year I will be 50, and I intent to continue to do all the things that I love right up until my body simply tells me otherwise.

So today, I want to give you my 3 ways that you too can begin to Age Powerfully.

First learn to accept yourself exactly as you are. Stop wasting time on “I wish I was thinner, I was supposed to be……………”  Accept that you are enough exactly the way that you are.

Second, live each day with intention. Plan what you want to accomplish each day and never again will you place your head on the pillow with the thought, “I just don’t know where the day went.”

Third, have fun. Create fun in even the mundane task. Crank up the music and have a kitchen dance party while you are preparing dinner. 

You are completely capable of creating a life you love. If you need help with the “how”, I am an email, phone call or text away. I can help you with the “how”.

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