Dad Gum It! I’m tired of this crap.

Every month I get together with some other ladies for game night. This was the month I decided would be different.

This group of women are just like me-> all teachers- same age (for the most part)-same educational background.

But somehow I still feel intimidated. I tend to think crappy thoughts like: 

  • I’m not as pretty as this person. 
  • I’m not as wealthy as this person. 
  • Will I say the wrong thing? 

But dad gum it! I am so tired of thinking that crap. 

Seriously-who really cares. 

I am human just like anyone else. 

I have compassion and empathy just like most people.

I want to feel connected just like most people.

But when I am thinking crap like that:

  • I’m not connecting with other people.
  • I’m not being compassionate with myself. 
  • Of course I won’t say the wrong thing because when I’m worried about crap like that, I’m not engaging in any conversation. I’m nodding my head thinking when will this be over so I can go home.

Thank goodness that Kristi said enough of this crap!

→ I was FREE!

I had more fun that night than I’ve had in a while. I spoke freely to everyone. I complimented the beautiful new haircut of a woman I highly admire. I genuinely showed up as myself rather than being worried about not measuring up.

And I openly and freely talked about my business because → clearly coaching has been the best investment I have made for myself.

I wish these same blessings for you.

When you let go of worrying that you don’t measure up, you are completely free to show up-just as you.

 “Today you are you. That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Dr. Seuss

Love you,


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