Letting Old Shit Go!

Today I did an intentional practice in Letting Go and Forgiving that part of me that hung on to the old pain for far too long.

I shed it all out onto to paper. The parts that didn’t make sense. How I wasn’t supported the way a child should be supported. The allowing for “You were a child and didn’t know any better.”

I let it all out from my heart through the pen to paper. Just for the practice of just letting go.

I made a covenant to myself that from now moving forward that what was missing can only be filled by God and myself.

Friends, you are on loan to your parents. There are going to be gaps in the knowledge of how to best support you based on the way they were supported and raised by their own parents.

It’s time to decide what you want to keep, and what you want to forgive and let go of.

This is how you connect with YOU. Only you know how to best support you. You get to give yourself all the love and everything you think you are lacking.

My clients and I are changing the way they see the second act of life. They are learning that the connection they crave begins with the connection they have with themselves.

There were a few more steps in the “Letting Go” process. Send me an email, and I will send  you the full process so you can put the past behind you for good. ❤️ You deserve the best life!

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