I don’t know = REGRET

Teaching 4th grade, I never allowed the students to answer with….I don’t know.

Come on!

That’s just crap!

I don’t know” let’s you off the hook way too easy from what is really deep down inside burning to come to the surface. (And I’m not talking about indigestion!)

Motivation or passion for the next best thing to happen in your life never starts with I don’t know.

Here is what I do know.

You’ve stopped allowing yourself to dream. You’ve stopped going into that secret space deep inside where you’ve stored those things that you DO want to do, and you’re afraid to say out loud.

Leaving them there leads to REGRET!

This is why you need a Life Coach. The last thing you want is regret.

I will help you tap into those secret desires you shoved down for too long.

I will help you discover HOW you can make them a reality rather than leaving them in the dream world.

I will give you the motivation you need when you want to quit on yourself.

I offer 1:1 coaching to keep from regretting the life you could have had.  

Are you ready? Book your Relationship Review Call. (click the link)

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