Welcome to the “Start In The Middle” Podcast

This is a podcast for women who have found themselves wanting to make changes for the best half of their lives. I will help you to identify the potential you already have, and help you to discover how to stop letting fear hold you back.

*Creating you after divorce.

*How to deal with empty nest.

*What’s next?

The possibilities are endless.

My Favorite Episodes





“Let the Journey Begin”

I never really thought much about my thoughts and how those thoughts impact my daily life. Kinda like a feather blown in the wind without much control over how my day would go mentally, emotionally and even physically.  Not that my life is a wreck but I wanted more purpose, direction and joy in my journey.  Now that I’ve discovered Kristi’s “Start in the Middle” podcast I have learned that to get different results I have to start with my thoughts. I look forward to Kristi’s new podcast each week as she shares her journey with me about how to do just that. Always thought provoking, genuine, sometimes funny as she laughs at herself as I laugh with her or even sadness at a tender moment while understanding how important my thought pattern is.  Now I start my days with a new direction since I control my thoughts for the results I want to experience in my life.~Mary Ellen S.

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