All the Emotions

Here we are already over halfway through April. It is amazing to me to see that some of us are still getting snow while others are already busting out our sleeveless tops! The latter is what is going on here in South Texas.

Today was one of those days where I found myself experiencing all of the human emotions. While recording my podcast, I felt jubilation and freedom. Later my husband accidentally scared the crap out of me. (You may not know, but when I get completely surprised, I first freak out and then I cry.) Later in the day, we got into a very heated difference of opinion over blinds for the RV. And this evening we potted some new plants. Which, digging in the dirt always brings about a sense of peace and calm for me. 

The thing that I am most proud of today is that I allowed all of these emotions. The ones that were very heavy, and I would typically hang on to. I simply reminded myself, “Ok this is what anger feels like. I feel some pressure in my forehead. I feel my blood pressure is a little higher. My step is a little swifter and heavier………….oh, ok, I can slow down. This is what anger feels like.”

Ya’ll, this is what being human looks like. The difference is that often we don’t allow ourselves to actually feel and process our emotions. Often, we like to hang on to them like we are squeezing the neck of that precious doll we carried around as a child. When you actually allow them, give them the notice they want, and process them you can let them drift on by!

That is freedom!

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